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<h3>Rénovation et entretien de moquettes</h3> <p>Découvrez les dernières techniques de <strong>rénovation de moquette</strong> de Basic System. Spécialisé dans la rénovation de moquette, Basic System vous propose également <strong>l'entretien de vos moquettes</strong></p>

Cleaning and restoration of carpets

Detergent free, powder free, quiet and 30min dry!
Laboratory developed and tested, Carpets System® by BASIC SYSTEM® has been approuved by tens of millions square meters during about 20 years. Hotels, individuals, company, government’s administrations trust Carpets System® wich is prescribed by leading carpet manufacturers (Balsan, Beery tuft, Flipo, Interface…). Carpets System® barely wets the carpet to be clean, It does not use foam or powder, or soap. It cleanses thoroughly by brushing and then dries the material und the effect of thermal and mechanical double action. Last advantage: this method is completely quiet!

Why choose BASIC SYSTEM® :
Insofar as it provides dry in 30 minutes and does not interfere with your activity, this bacterial-static method (similar to dry cleaning but without drawbacks) responds very sharply to the expectations of business and commercial networks.

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